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Our online process makes it easier for you to make a claim

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You will need the following to hand

  • The invoice from your vet or pharmacy.
  • Your pet's full medical history (including any prescriptions for medication).

    Please note: If your pet has been treated for more than one illness or injury, each illness or injury will need to be submitted separately with an invoice and clinical history to support each part of the claim.

You can find your policy number in your policy document or if you log in to My Account.
As it appears on your policy documents.

Providing all the relevant information could speed up the processing of your claim as if information is missing, we will need to contact you or your Veterinary Surgery resulting in a delay. If you’re unable to provide these please contact your vet to submit the claim on your behalf. If you are not ready to claim, but need to ask a question, please see our FAQ's